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Flags: Done both with and without the ball, running through the flags creates agility and helps develop a quick change of direction. Their placement and order replicates functional and game-like scenarios.
-Without the ball: Players hop, shuffle, sprint and maneuvering through the flags at pace without making contact. Proper balance and coordination are emphasized in these drills.
-With the ball: Players are shown exactly how to move and touch the ball as they attempt to dribble through the flags first using the dominant foot, then the weaker, helping in developing a complete player. Trained to believe With the flags acting as defenders, players protect the ball as they make their way through, maintaining full control and composure throughout.
Cones: Using a variation of cones, players dribble through and around practicing a wide array of moves. Inside cut, outside cut, bottom of the foot pull back amongst others. Through these repetitious exercises, we aim to create the muscle memory that will develop the player’s touch and control.
Speed Hurdles: In order to advance the players physical strengths, speed hurdles are used to improve explosive reflexes, quickness, and leaping ability.
High-Jump Hurdles: Using a sufficient run-up, players jump rows of big hurdles ranging from 4-5 feet helping reach maximum leaping potential.
Weight Training: Taking into consideration each individual players situation, weight training may be provided and incorporated into the players training routine. Much of our exercises in this field will be pulled straight from Division-1 and professional weight training programs.
Control: Controlling the ball, or “trapping” as it’s commonly referred to is a huge area of our focus. Without control all is lost, therefore we urge the importance of having the fundamental skills of controlling or “caressing” the ball in any given situation. Among these can include but are not limited to Aerial balls, short passes, balls on the turn, etc.
Communication: One of the most significant factors in creating a player of high quality is their ability to effectively communicate on the field, that is their awareness. Awareness of where the opponent is, where the space is and where the next option is. Players are often limited in this field and so we address this.
-If a player is not knowledgeable about the game and is not able to proactively think, it will always be difficult for them to perform in game situations. By developing the player’s understanding of the game, they will be able to think one or two steps ahead, which will allow them time to verbalize this to others. Key Terms and phrases commonly used such as, “Man on”, “Time”, “Turn”, are explained and made a staple of all practices in order to make it a natural part of our player’s game.
Protecting The Ball: Upon controlling the ball, we stress the importance of shielding the ball and protecting it from the reach of defenders. By learning to read the defenders body language and use one’s own body parts to comfortably shield the ball, our players will be able to successfully maintaining possession until finding the right option.
Consideration: Ultimately the intellectual aspect of our player’s game comes down to the thought process behind their play. By considering details such as the distance of our target, the weight of our pass, and the most convenient place for our teammate to receive the ball among others, we take out much of the chance in our play and improve our player’s odds by taking a calculated approach where they know the right play to make every time.

Video Analysis

In creating an intellectual player, we create a student of the game through video analysis. By watching the highest-level athletes in our given sport and using our visual sense, we are able to see, able to envision. This visionary experience will allow our players to witness the correct and incorrect way of how the game should be played from a much different point of view.

Injury Prevention

We emphasize a proper warm-up with gradual progression towards peak physical activity. In order to achieve our goals of creating a high-level athlete, we proactively work to eliminate one of the most limiting aspects of athletics, in injuries. Our extensive warm-up allows the athletes to consistently develop and grow, creating stability, which is essential in a player’s long-term development.Exposing players to over 30 stretching and core exercises, our athletes become fully in tune with their body, helping reach maximum potential.


Players are provided nutritional guidelines in order to maximize training efforts and results. By focusing on proper diet and nutrition, we can better fine tune the athlete’s performance. Emphasis on nutrition and hydration will be a priority during school hours and before practices.

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